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It felt weird being back here in Diagon Alley and truth be told, TiaMarie wasn't even sure why she was here except it just felt right to walk through these streets. The streets that her aunt once walked and would never walk through again. The third wizarding war had taken a lot from them, but most importantly it took one of the nicest and most genuine people that the wizarding world had. She might have been bias, but there was no denying that Josephina Hadley HAD to have been in at least the top ten. Maybe even top five. Tia felt numb knowing her aunt would never embrace her or call just to say hi.

The creature healer wandered into Wiseacre's not entirely sure what she was shopping for and also half wanting to throw something. Maybe there was something in here that would remind her of her aunt? Like that abacus? She picked it up and slid the peg things back and forth. It felt stupid and childish, yet simultaneously stimulating.
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