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Her Lego Eiffel tower was coming along beautifully. It's been a while since the redhead has gotten her hands on some of these.

Thinking about Schmoe's question, Serena's mind took a trip down memory lane. She was as pureblood as old pureblood families came. She lived by pureblood standards and traditions, even some practiced by ancestors from centuries ago (which were secret), but she was also raised in muggle standards and traditions. Her godfather came from a mixed home, and so, Serena grew up in both worlds. Yet, she honored her pureblood heritage.

Her eyes skimmed the items around her and she recognized 80% of them. The weird headphones-mouth thing. She had no idea what that was, but assumed it was to hear your own breath.

As for annoying inconveniences, she had plenty of examples. Pleeeeeeeenty of them. "Accidental fires," she shared, hoping to catch Lisa's eyes. She knew this story because it was the first one Serena ever shared with her. "For example, if someone is making pancakes and something catches fire, a wizard can quickly put it out on the spot."
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