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Teddy put his arm around Kizzy's shoulders when she covered her eyes and opted to stay there and hold her while Fi led the charge to check the list. At Gracelyn's arrival, he brightened to chime, "Not yet, we were discussing--" He started to respond to her question, but Fi was at the list and reading. Pirates?! He was a pirate WITH Kiz AND Gracelyn? "Ha!" he remarked incredulously, hugging Kiz's head and ruffling her hair and offering an equally-enthusiastic high-five to Gracelyn with his free hand.

He looked on with pure elation as Fi continued to read their friends' names, from KALE ALEXANDER TRENT AS CAPTAIN HOOK to Morgan as Smee and a dog, what? The roller coaster the Gryffindor was taking them on was a wild climb high into the sky, and he started to realize she hadn't pointed out herself yet and he-- what?! "Mr. Darling?" Like, a dad? A father? Married? He started to laugh, until--

"Wait, why?" Why was it the wrong list? He released Kiz to move forward urgently and see for himself. She... Oh. "Wendy Darling. WENDY. You're the LEAD." One of three leads, technically, probably, but in the moment it felt like Fi was the ONE AND ONLY. "Fiiiiiiiiiiii!" CUE A TWIN BEAR HUG.
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