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"Dra-KON-i-fors, Dra-KON-i-fors..." Violet had practiced the incantation and wand movements a number of times until she felt she had them right, and then began first on the ice cube. That was the one she thought would be easiest, and, she noticed, it was the one the teacher had started with.

Drakonifors! Violet said, moving her wand toward the ice cube. For a moment it seemed like it was going to just sit there melting, but then what seemed to be melting turned into a metamorphasis into a small blue-white dragon with droopy wings. It regarded her coldly as she stared at it. "I love magic!" Violet whispered, as she looked at it.

Next she pulled over the leaf, moving it carefully so as not to tear it. "Draconifors!" she cast again, with more confidence this time. The leaf seemed to fold in on itself in a spiral and emerged as a slender, beautiful green dragon the size of a dragonfly. Observing it was being watched, the dragon preened and began folding and unfolding its wings, as if it were asking to be admired. The white dragon observed it with what seemed to be disdain.

"Okay, one more," Violet muttered, moving the rock directly in front of her. "Draconifors!" Nothing happened. "Draconifors! Draconifors! The rock sat solidly in front of her, refusing to move. 'Stubborn as a rock'--that should be a new saying, she thought. "Dra-KON-ifors!!" [/i][/b] she cast again, louder and more firmly than before, and with just a touch of anger. Finally, finally! the rock seemed to begin to sort of melt into a puddle, moving as slow as a glacier, and then the puddle pulled itself together, with agonizing slowness, into a squat, grey, grumpy looking little dragon with short wings. It looked at her like she was the most detestable creature on earth. Violet might have felt offended, but the grey dragon gave an equally displeased look to each of the other dragons.

Hmm--now for the maze. Violet decided to start with her leaf-dragon, since that seemed the most cooperative, so she got a stopwatch and walked over to the maze and carefully laid the dragon in. "Now, this won't be too hard or dangerous of anything," she said to it. Just...just do your best." Violet started the watch and stepped back, expecting to see her dragon take off.

Which it did--at first. But the leaf-dragon kept getting distracted by admiring its own wings and mincing along like it was at a fashion show, so it really didn't make good time. Well, at least it was moving.
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