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The three James siblings had agreed to show up together to see the cast list. They knew that Teddy didn't care about his fate, whereas he cared very much about his sisters. Fi was a natural on stage, born for theatrics and the spotlight, and Kiz was too cute and too eager to please for the Big Man to let down, right? Teddy knew well that Kiz would learn to relax, become more comfortable with herself, and flourish in such a setting - but she just needed Trent to take a chance on her.

If he didn't, Teddy and Phoebe were right there for her to remind her of why this didn't say anything about her character, her heart, her compassion, and her warmth. It was just a school play, casted based upon one one-minute little thing. Not indicative of anything that should be important to her. To all of them. He had a whole sweet brotherly monologue ready, just in case.

As they neared the bulletin board, Teddy slowed his gait further back, squeezed Kiz's hand and smiled, nodding at Fi. "No matter what it says, it's all good. We'll celebrate our successes in casting, in having our free time, in-- whatever. Good?" He was there for hugs and ice cream after and whatever else they needed.

Did they all want to look together, or did someone want to look first? Teddy was okay to stand back and watch and be receptive to any need for dabbing away tears, if they wanted, and he looked to them for direction and to reassure.
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