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Default Final Score Update; Just Grayson for now
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ooc: Hi. Since it's been awhile since the last post we decided to just roll with the final score because let's admit we're all here for the post match chaos. Goals will be allocated on first come first serve basis so just mention it in your post and I'll add it to the game progression thing. Feel free to get creative (own goals and penalty shots.)

Grayson blew his whistle after the final time plus an extra minute of injury time. Luckily it seemed like nobody seemed overly hurt and yes okay good. Nobody 'kicked the bucket' as they say on his watch.

"That's game!"
he called loudly hoping the action in front of him would stop. "Final score -- Seven red, four blue." And now is the time for the captains to hug it out or whatever.

For now he had to go slap his best friend on the back because last goal of the game AND IN INJURY STOPPAGE TIME! Epic.

SPOILER!!: Game Progression

Team Photos (thanks Cooper)

  1. Blake Keller
  2. Unclaimed
  3. Unclaimed
  4. Blake Keller
  5. Unclaimed
  6. Unclaimed
  7. Alexander Stylinson

  1. Unclaimed
  2. Unclaimed
  3. Unclaimed
  4. Unclaimed

Injury list:
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