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Scottie had known with bringing a cat on a date that SOME hijinx might happen by CHANCE....but he had certainly NOT expected this. Not even slightly....

His insides were screaming at HIS PURE STUPIDITY. And his face was as red as a cherry-tomato. And Scottie knew using magic would make everything easier, but he didn't want to get in trouble for using magic in a MUGGGGGLE PARK. So he shook the catnip tin around as he and Regina ran in the general direction Nando had taken off in.

"NAAAANDO!" he shouted, loud enough for like, probably everyone in the park to hear. Luckily, too, that Nando was orange. He'd stand out from the grass in the park a great deal. And that was when he saw a flash of it - ORANGE!!! - and ran pell-mell towards a group of trees near a little duck pond. Scottie came to a halt in front of the tree, watching the swishing of Nando's tail with furrowed brows. "I am ANGRY AT YOU you little b-" he huffed and glanced at Regina. "PUNK. You're a PUNK."
hiss.__________________________________________________ _BOOM.

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