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Maybe bby dragon number two saw that bby number one was fast asleep and that influenced the former’s decision to follow suit. Whatever the reason, Claudine was left in peace to practice on the stone. Like she had reasoned, she was having trouble with this object, a lot more than she’d had with the previous two. But was it just all in her head? Was this simply mind over matter? Was it because she expected to have trouble with the stone that in turn led her to have trouble in actuality? Hmmm…

“Draconifors.” This was her fifth attempt, by the way. So far, the stone had not changed not even in the slightest bit. Here went attempt number six. Claudine took a deep breath, pictured the Swedish Short Snout… “Draconifors.” Hey! Something was happening. The stone was reshaping, recoloring and all the other things until there was another dragon before her. Finally.

Claudine was thrilled with herself, and thrilled with the little bbies on her desk. She patted the head of the third dragon then went to finish off her notes.

Stone: Difficult of the lot as it’s heaviest and the biggest.
Leaf: Easiest because it's rather light and has a viscosity of 0. It’s also rather small.
Ice cube: Second easiest: since it is slightly heavier than the leaf.

Notes: Each transformation started differently. Meaning, sometimes a claw was the first noticeable appearance, or a snout. As predicted, the easiest transformation came from the leaf and the toughest from the stone.
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