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His answer to her answer intrigued her. Transfiguration was just so… thought provoking!! She loved it. She had never expected an item that was in abundance to like that…. It made SENSE now or so she willed herself to get there.

She remained quiet for the second question and opted to scribble some notes down. When Professor Carton started speaking about the formula, Lisa became intrigued. Say what now? She was ALL EARS. It made ACTUAL sense that the concentration (cause Noah Jedi Master had taught her that), weight, and viscous ness all played a factor. Wand power was intriguing too.

Anyway she picked up her quill, dipped it in ink, and then began predicting the outcome. She quickly decided the order from easiest to hardest would be: leaf, ice, and then stone. “Professor, does the temperature of an object impact the transfiguration formula? What if the ice began to melt? Would the viscosity of the liquid have an impact on the ability to transfigure?

SPOILER!!: Lisa’s notes & predictions
Transfiguration Formula
The result of a transformation is affected by:

Weight (a) - the heavier the object, the harder to transfigure
Viciousness (v) - the more vicious, the more difficult (comes into play with animal and human transformations; inanimate objects will have 0 viciousness)
Concentration (c) - Bigger objects will require more concentration than smaller ones; similar objects to the end result will require less than drastically different objects
Wand power (w)
Unknown variable (z)

Stone > Ice > Leaf
Stone would be the most difficult to transfigure because of its weight. It’s structurally more solid than the other objects and would require more concentration.

Ice would be the second difficult or easiest dependent on how you look at it. It’s lighter than a rock (I hope- UNLESS it’s an iceberg and not an ice cube). It’s closer to a liquid but has a solid structure but it’s far easier to crack than a rock. And did I mention lighter? Much lighter?

Leaf is the easiest. Beleaf it! It’s lighter, thinner, and easier to manipulate.

SHE GASPED IN PURE DELIGHT WHEN HE MENTIONED JUST WHAT THEY WERE TRANSFORMING THEIR OBJECTS INTO. NO WAY!!! COOLEST ACTIVITY EVER. She was going to make three different toothless’ and it was going to be perfect. As soon as he mentioned that they could start practicing, she started with the wand movement. Make a slashing motion with your wand LIKE A LIGHTSABER! (Merlin knows that she has been practicing this motion for her entire LIIIIFE! All those days of play fighting with plastic lightsabers and swords had FINALLY come in handy!! ) Then they just had to say the incantation. Got it.

She didn’t spend much time on the wand movement. Lisa proudly considered herself a professional (whether or not she was … was a different story but she was decent - no need to inflate said ego). She shifted her focus to the incantation. “Dray-KON-IH-fours.” That didn’t sound right at all. “Dr-AH KON i FOR S. DRAHKONIFORS! DRAHH KON I FORs!
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