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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Eyes where? Claudine glanced up from her parchment where she’d been studying her answers. Carton’s words made her face light up and got her excited. Dragons! Small ones… but still. The best part? There would be no, or barely, any issues since they were going to be little itty bitty smol dragons. She watched with interest as Carton transformed his ice cube into a cute bby. Claudine was in love, and couldn’t wait to get started on her own practice.

“Drah-KON-i-fors. Drah-KON-i-fors.Drah-KON-i-fors,” Claudine muttered as she put her writing materials to the side of her desk. She decided to go with the leaf and set it infront of her. The ice cube and stone were placed besides her books and quill. Slashing movement, right? Did it matter if the slashing started from the left or the right? Carton hadn’t said nor mentioned it in his notes. A few slashes of practice and she was ready to actually ready to get things going.

“Draconifors.” Cue the wand movement. Claudine was picturing a Swedish Short-Snout in her mind as she did so.
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