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SPOILER!!: Queen Partner
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

Ash looked into Kayne's eyes. Her own eyes were a deep brown, like a void (pretty accurate representation of her personality). They could be scary sometimes, but to be honest... if she was in a movie trailer where the camera zoomed in on her eyes, it would look ABSOLUTELY SICK. She thought someone should hire Ash and Kayne to be in an action movie. No joke. They would be the COOLEST best friend main characters.

Ash flipped her hair for dramatic effect. It had pink streaks in it, so it looked extra super cool. And she even slo-mo crossed her arms, giggling as she did so. "We should absolutely slo-mo walk down the corridor, just in case anybody's watching." From another dimension. Or the afterlife. Or just spying on them. Ashley Fox was going to be ridiculous and have fun today, and she didn't care who knew about it.

And with that, she proceeded to walk(in slo-mo of course) down the corridor, trying and failing to keep a straight face.

As Kayne's eyes met Ash's, he made sure to give a friendly wink. The maniacal twinkly in his own said it all. It was the look that they were about to do some somewhat mischievous, and extremely defiant acts while spending their time here at the castle. This was just the start of the two's troublemaking as well. They would certainly make some spectacles throughout the school. People would know who they were. To Kayne, any press was good press; because at the end of the day, if people were talking negatively about them, they were still getting the recognition that they deserved.

Mordrake cracked a sly little grin as his partner in crime added that 'in case anyone was watching'. He loved people who weren't afraid to be their most authentic selves, no matter who was watching. A second or two after Ash started her slo-mo walk, Kayne began to follow behind. To match the energy in the air, the boy tussled his own hair. Also, just for that little piece of extra-ness, he flicked his wand in the air causing red sparks to fly out and trail behind them.

It was time to get this show on the road.

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