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Taking another bite of the oh-so-yummy-delisioucness-now-in-his-tummy bread, Kayne almost choked as he just couldn't help but watch while a hoarse of objects basically dogpiled on top of the professor. Trying his best to stifle laughter, the boy even tried to hold his hand over his mouth in order for it to not come out. Even that didn't necessarily work out, it just muffled the noise. It wasn't directed at Schmoe, it was because the chaotic nature of the whole situation that had laid out before his very eyes. Why didn't I think of doing something like that. That would have made for an excellent prank, and Kayne had taken a mental note about it for later. Most of his pranks were starting to get a bit old.

Gaze turning back to Ash, he got up from his seat and returned an even more dramatic bow back towards her. "Looks like we have our next mission." Kayne said jokingly.

A slight eye roll happened as one of the other students, (Remy), suggested that it was more optimal if they didn't use magic in this situation. Kayne could understand why it was said, but that would just take so much time and effort. Never really one to just go with the flow of things, the Mordrake heir grabbed his wand and said "Accio markers." Swiftly, some markers flew into the boy's hand. But it wasn't the box the professor was talking was the duds...with a loud exasperated sigh, Kayne peered down at the markers and mumbled "Whatever, be that way." and graciously carried them back and placed them upon the Professor's desk.

Joining the others at the pile, Kayne started to help them out sort through all the fallen stuff; doing so with extreme care to make sure he didn't chip one of his nails. The boy dug out some toy cars and slid them to one side.

Welp, this is gonna take forever.

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