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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Fourth Year

Ash smiled back at Kayne. "Mr. Vice President." She gave a dramatic bow. She reached for the bread he was giving her and took a bite. EW NO WHAT WAS SHE DOING EW EW EW. She put the bread down. SUSPICIOUS BREAD VERY BAD OH NO. She picked it up again and took another bite. EW NO. And this went on repeatedly. Ash just couldn't help it... until Schmoe opened a closet and had everything fall on him. Ash took advantage of the chaos to sidle up to Upstead. "Nem," she said pleadingly. She even said Nem, so that they'd know that she was being genuine. "Can you vanish the bread from my seat too?" They could even call it even. Please??? Pretty please??? With a cherry on top???

Ash also went up to Schmoe. "Maybe we should make this closet more organized." If Schmoe wasn't so messy, Ash would have called this incident a sabotage. She went over to help pick up. No sign of any markers... just a lot of other stuff. "I will take charge of all the stuffed animals. They can go on this shelf for now." She started picking up stuffed animals and organizing them on one of the upper shelves. Ash was rather good at organizing, as she hated messes but had a tendency to make a lot of them. She would throw all of her things randomly, and then decide about once a week to organize them again. She was accustomed to this sort of thing.
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