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Oh, how we drift away from our friends. And the ones back home play remember when

The answer from the Flamsteed kid had left Fiona momentarily stunned. She had to refocus on the lesson with a quick little shake of her head. After listening to Professor Carton discuss the formula of Transfiguration, the Snakette began to write down her prediction.

SPOILER!!: Transfiguration Notes

Weight (a) The heavier the object to be transfigured, the more difficult the process.
Viciousness (v) Is a factor on living subjects (animals/humans) but not on inanimate objects.
Concentration (c) The bigger the object, the more concentration required. This also applies to when the original form and transfigured form are close in their characteristics/properties.
Wand Power (w) Experience on the caster's part is key to the result of the transfiguration (?)
Unknown Variable (z) ?

Stone: Due to the mass/size of the object it would be the most difficult item of the three objects at hand to transfigure.

Ice cube: This is a solid object but due to being made of aquatic matter its transfigurability is mid-range.

Leaf: A very light object thus making it the easiest to transfigure

After writing her prediction, Fiona began to reread what she had just written.
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