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SPOILER!!: Kayne
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Kayne nodded as she recommended that it was indeed, best for him to go get the mirror. "If you don't mind me asking, why don't you like mirrors?" Even though he tried to bite his tongue, the boy was just too curios as to why. Was it just a superstition thing? Did she have a bad experience with one? Did she, for some odd reason, not like her reflection maybe? Kayne highly doubted that last bit, but the thought still went in his mind.

Now as for the ghosts, Kayne spoke "Technically, the spirit room is like the ghosts' hiding spot, however I haven't seen them there in a while. And as for that other bit, most of the time ghosts are troublemakers themselves." He thought it was rather obvious, but some don't know as much about them. SO he went on to say "That is why they haunt places after all. Some of them are just wanting to fool around because what else is there to do when you're dead?" In his personal experiences, ghosts never really snitched unless it's like someone's casting an unforgivable or something dire like that. "The ones that aren't like that tend to be just neutral. They might tell us to stop, but I highly doubt that they'd snitch." Since Kayne was also in a giving mood, he consoled her with "Don't worry, in the off chance that something goes awry, I'll take the fall for this." It was his idea after all, not hers. So why should she have to go down all the way with the ship when she wasn't the captain?

"That sounds like a plan to me! So let's meet back up here tomorrow then?" Since they had the whole day, Kayne was also probably gonna try to do research on his own. Quickly fixing his hair, the teen shot a smile in Ash's direction because he was glad to now have a new friend here at the castle. Especially one as exciting himself, which was kinda rare in all honesty. He either found people who were exactly like him, or not at all. There really was no in between.

Ash bit her lip. Did she really wanna tell him about mirrors? No, not really. It might change how he thought of her. But like, it was no secret. Better if he found out from her first instead of someone who thought she deserved what had happened.

“I got put in a mirror once. A year ago. For like, two months or so. Not very nice of him. I got out on May ninth.” And her thirteenth birthday was May third. So. That had happened. The light in her eyes dimmed a little bit, and she sniffled. “Sorry.” She just didn’t like to talk about it a lot. Not now. Not when she was having fun.

“That’s why I don’t like seeing my reflection. Or other people’s reflections. Or reflections of anything, really.” Ash shrugged nonchalantly, which was a facade. And then she blinked to hold back tears as secretly as she could


“If you think the ghosts are safe, then I trust you. Maybe we can use their ghost wisdom to help us. Or ghost troublemaking skills.” Nobody would suspect a ghost of spying.

Ash nodded when Kayne talked about getting caught. She didn’t want to throw him under the bus, but she would have offered to take the blame too if she was in his position. “Fine. But if it’s my fault somehow, we can blame me instead.” It was only fair.

“We’ll meet up tomorrow,” Ash confirmed. And there were things to do in the meantime. Ash was glad she had a partner in crime like Kayne. She thought they made a good team.
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