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SPOILER!!: Individual Responses
SPOILER!!: Kayne
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Another day, another class.

Kayne was't too thrilled upon entering the classroom at first, because Muggle Studies just wasn't really his thing. He understood it's importance and everything, and the Mordrake boy was by no means bad at this particular subject. It just wasn't really up his alley. He would much rather be learning new spells or practicing old ones. However, his mood changed and his face brightened when he stepped through the door, and that beautiful smell hit his nose. Kayne knew that smell anywhere. Fresh bread. Taking a deep breath in, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief thinking, Maybe, just wouldn't be a bad day.

Striding over to one of the round tables, Kayne set his bag down and waved at the Professor. "Hello Professor, hope you're day is going well so far." He stated before grabbing one of the pieces from the basket at his table. Taking a chunk off, he couldn't help but munch away at it. And it was absolutely diiiiiviiiine. It literally tasted like heaven if heaven had a taste.

Finneas loved the smell too. Mmm. So good. "Good afternoon, Mr. Mordrake," he offered the young man a bobbing of the head. "It's, er, I c-can't complain." He hoped Kayne's day was going well too. A muggle studies lesson was ahead! It could only go up from here, no?

SPOILER!!: Dahlia
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
When Dahlia entered the Muggle Studies classroom she was a bit confused by the simplicity of it all. No campfire. No written instructions on the perfectly clean whiteboard. Instead of desks there were tables. Of course the basket of Healer Poppy's bread which was at every lesson now, the incredibly delicious scent drawing her into further into the room towards it.

"Hello, Professor Schmoe," Lia smiled warmly at him just then realizing for the first time that he wasn't fidgeting about like he normally was. Was this cause for concern.. or should she be happy for him? She had grown used to his fidgeting about and it was a little strange seeing him.. just sitting there that way. Could she ask if he was alright? Would that.. be weird? Rather than ask out loud she settled for a what she hoped was a silent questioning look as she took a bit of bread from the basket on his desk.

With her bread in hand she went to sit at one of the tables and started to take out her things for the lesson.

Yes, it was simple... Wasn't it? Finneas had taken upon himself to get spring cleaning done early this year. "Hullo, Ms. Donovan! Help yourself to some bread," he bobbed his head, gesturing towards the tables. He was quite alright. Quite alright.

SPOILER!!: Ashley
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Oh, it smelled like bread in here. Ash wanted some. But also, she didn't. It always gave her a headache to smell them. "Hey Kayne!" She almost went to sit by him, but then she didn't. But then she did again. It looked like ALL of the tables had bread.

Ooh, was that bread? Mmm. It smelled so good. Ash picked some bread up...

and then abruptly put it back down. "Hey professor... Does the bread have to be here for like the whole entire lesson? Like, even after people already ate some?" She looked at it skeptically.

Oh, no. Was Kayne eating the bread??? She had to save him!!! He didn't know what was in that!!! But the bread was so good. Ash let the opportunity slip away. There was nothing wrong with a little bit of bread...

Finneas offered Ms. Fox a wave as she entered the room and picked up bread... and then set it down. Er. That was not sanitary. "Er, hullo, Ms. Fox." He found her question to be very peculiar and, er, wasn't entirely sure what difference it made. But. Er. "Errr, we can leave it out incase others get hungry throughout the lesson. Er. Healer Poppy thinks it would be best." Finneas, on the other hand, did not like food in his classroom. But. Er. Alas.

SPOILER!!: Daniel
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Daniel was in a foul mood today. Since the moment he had gotten out of bed everything seemed to be going against him. From being late to his first-morning class to getting lost on his way to the Great Hall for lunch.

So as he entered the classroom, the boy had a scowl on his face, not even bothering to greet anyone except for the professor who he greeted with a very curt "Professor". As he reached one of the tables and dropped his bag dramatically on the floor near his chair, Daniel wasted no time and sat down on the chair before leaning back with his arms crossed.

It was only at this time that he regarded the basket of bread on the table and the smell of it was getting to his nose. It smelled delicious but even the bread did not enhance his mood. But he didn't need to be in a good mood to eat so he leaned forward to reach for a piece.

The scowl did....... not go unnoticed and Finneas tried to counter it with a ginormous smile of his own. "Good afternoon, Mr. Yoon." Even rhymed and everything. HA. Look at Schmoe go. AND ANOTHER ONE.

Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale was more keen on that tuna sandwich than he was all the bread that was suddenly everywhere around school. Look, he was a growing boy. He loved carbs as much as the next Gryffindor, cookies were carbs, y'know, but there was only so much you could eat before you got poorly.

So if he stared at that sandwich too long, well sorry teach, you should've put it away. "Sup, Professor?" He got a nod in acknowledgement. Schmoe was the coolest Professor at this school. No contest.

And then the sixth year took his seat. It was a shame he was kinda sick of breads cuz it smeeeeeeeeelled fab!

If Kale stared at that sandwich too long, Finneas would most definitely offer it to him. Tuna was alright, but Schmoe had eaten one too(na) many of them (ha) (the jokes).

"Er. Sup, indeed!" He could hang. Schmoe could be one with the teens. How do you do, fellow kids?

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
The Muggle Studies classroom looked relatively mundane today save for the round tables! That was a change. Unsure of the reason why, Lisa slowly walked into the room, expecting something else to jump out at her and then the DELICIOUS SMELL OF BREAD HIT HER RUDELY. It smelled so good…. unfortunately she had just eaten lunch so she shouldn’t have another piece of bread…. she shouldn’t. But would she ? Perhaps.

First of al- she’d work on practicing self restraint.

Hi Professor Schmoe!” she greeted her Head of House with a bright smile. All thoughts of him being a dark wizard had almost left her mind completely. OH! She did have a question. “Can I come to your office afterwards? I have some questions…” Mostly all pertaining to a pillow fight extravaganza event in the common room. She waved to a couple of her classmates before finding a seat.

Lisa slid into an open seat at Daniel’s table and then smiled at him. “Hey.” She pulled out a textbook from her bag and slid it to her friend. She had been taking some notes on… the thing that Alfie, him, and her had been discussing. “Had some ideas….” She began to speak before doing a double take. Wait. He looked different…. Perhaps shorter than before but she really couldn’t tell. She felt like she was finally starting to catch up in height to her peers. Maybe 12 would be the age for her! Speaking of ages….. Just when was Daniel’s birthday?

Random question, friend…. Umm.. When’s your birthday?

Finneas tried his best to match Lisa's bright smile with a not-quite-as-bright one of his own. But he was out here. He was trying. He was doing the best a Schmoe could do. "Hullo, Student Lisa!" Yes, he would continue this jig until the end of his tenure. "I, er, yes, of course. You can, er, swing by right after we wrap up." He would have preferred if she had asked at the end of the lesson, just so that he didn't inevitably spend the whole time worrying about what Lisa Nam possibly had to speak to him about. He, er, hadn't had a good track record with first years this year.

SPOILER!!: Silent Nemesis
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
It had been some time since Nem had said a word to anyone who was not the Headsman, or the kids they unofficially tutored here and there. They'd hardly been counting the days, only knew it had been a while. It wasn't unheard of for them to have times of briefly lapsing into what might have been perceived as an uncharacteristic quiet, but nothing quite so sustained nor foreboding as this silence.

Maybe foreboding. Hard to say. The Noodle might have said so.

Point was, when they entered the Muggle Studies classroom, they continued the trend of not offering a greeting of any kind, only took a seat at an as-yet-unclaimed table at the back of the room, so that their back was to the corner of the room. After a pause, they wordlessly Banished the basket of bread to another table. Magic wasn't ~allowed~ in the Noodle's classroom, but Nem found they did not care to even feign an interest in rules right now. They were here, weren't they? That was plenty.

..... Nemesis' silence did not go unnoticed. Finneas wasn't sure if he preferred it to the..... Old usual. But. Er. Well. Nemesis Upstead had a talent for unnerving the Schmoester. "Hullo!" Finneas hurriedly called out to their back, hoping that maybe he could get Nemesis to say something today.

... Anything. Any-wait a minute!

"Please do not use magic in the muggle studies classroom, Nemesis." It was meant to be a warning. "I, err, I have to take away points for disregarding the rules." Three? Three points? That seemed reasonable.

And if Nem decided to offer answers in class, maybe they could... er. earn them back?

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
This school term in particular had seen Claudine gaining a much greater appreciation for Muggle Studies. This in turn had a trickle down effect on her fondness for Schmoe. For those reasons, she was looking forward to today’s lesson even more. The bread was the bonus. The moment Claudine came close enough to the classroom’s door, she sniffed the baked treat out.

“Hi, Professor. Don’t forget to finish your lunch.” Giving him an un-Claudine - like beam, she went off to find a place to sit. Her attention was caught by Daniel and Lisa first. Heading for their table, she waved to Ashley then sat herself down next to the second person in her life who was obsessed with Star Wars. “Hi, Daniel. Hi, Lisa.”

The Snakette reached for a piece of cinnamon bread to nibble on while she waited for things to get under way.

Just as Finneas took to noticing Nemesis' silence this term, he had also taken to noticing the change he saw in Ms. Blaze. He was very proud of the work she had been doing this term. They had come along way together. Er. So he offered her a gentle smile in return, fixating on a point just beside her, but bobbing his head along as she spoke. "I'll, er, yes! Thank you for the reminder," he er. He chuckled. "I hope you ate all your lunch, Ms. Blaze." Yes. Because that was important.

SPOILER!!: Violet
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet greeted Professor Schmoe as she entered the classroom--after their various interactions over the past couple of years, she almost felt like he was an old friend--but her mood crashed abruptly as she came into the room and met the inevitable smell of bread permeating anything. She gave a pained look at Schmoe--did they have to have this bread in every, single class and activity?!? She felt another headache creeping up inside her head.

Looking around, she saw that every table had a basket of bread on it--Violet didn't think she could concentrate with that smell right under her nose. The only table without a basket was in the back of the room and there was only one other person seated at it--Nemesis Upstead. Violet wasn't sure which she distrusted more, Nem or Healer Poppy's bread. But she couldn't possibly spend an hour with that smell right under her nose, so she walked slowly to the back of the room and seated herself on the other side of the table from Nemesis without saying a word.

Finneas was glad to see Violet had returned to the castle after last term's events. She was one of the students he kept a careful eye out for and as such, he gave her a warm smile as she entered the room. Her. Er. Her look did not go unnoticed and Finneas offered an apologetic shrug in return. He didn't like having food in his classroom either, but it was what the doctor the healer recommended.

SPOILER!!: Tadhg
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Walking into the classroom Tadhg lokked a big confused by how the classroom was, what happened to the outdoorish theme that was usually here or so? It looked plain and boring which made him wrinkle his nose at bit, but quickly faded at the sight of Healer Poppy's bread. Don't mind if he did, he loved her bread it was so warm and yummy! Taking a few pieces he started munching on it. " Hello Professor sir, hope you're well."

Seeing Lia he smiled and sat down beside her eating his bread humming 'Hakuna Matata' softly to himself. "Hey Bubbles." Getting his stuff out he set it down on the table excited about this lesson, coming from a Pureblood family he wanted to learn all about muggle stuff. Besides he knew there was going to be times that he couldn't always count on magic to do everything, so he wanted to do things the muggle way. Sitting besides Lia he went back to eating his banana bread his favorite of Healer Poppy's.

Finneas liked to change the classroom up whenever he could, but er. Early Spring cleaning was a ... necessity. To make things easier in the long term. Er. AnYwAy. He didn't sense any of the possible disappointment so ALAS. "Er, hullo! Help yourself to some bread." The cinnamon bread was especially delightful today. Finneas may have had a nibble or two while he was distributing the baskets.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy floated into the Muggle Studies classroom, much like the smell of gorgeous bread gliding through the air. It was beckoning her, but she wasn't sure if she could stomach any more food at the moment, since she had already had a pretty hearty breakfast. The smell was still enough to give her a sense of calm, though. It felt ghhhuuuuuddd...

As she sat close to the front of the class, her senses were interrupted by a smell of... tuna fish? Remy made a face of disgust and decided to quickly move away from the professors desk before class started. Soon enough, the smell of Healer Poppy's famous bread took over again.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh......... tranquillity.

"Hello, Professor Flamsteed." Uuhhhh.... "SCHMOE. Professor Schmoe. Merlin knows why I said Flamsteed, sorry, sir." She certainly she wasn't thinking of anyone by that name, nope.



Blink. Blink. Blink.

If Remy thought SHE felt awkward, one could only imagine how awkward the awkward Noodleman Finneas felt. His whole face turning a shade of bright pink to match the tuna inside his sandwich and errrr. "Er. Excuse me." COUGH. "I-er-hullo."

Y'know, perhaps if the students hadn't made such an ordeal about an INNOCENT HUG last term, Finneas would not have found himself so embarrassed. These rumors were really getting out of hand.

SPOILER!!: Atlas Facepalm
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Stop trying to make the bread happen. It was never going to happen. At least not for this Gryffindor. In fact, every time he entered a classroom and saw his peers holding pieces of it ... he just wanted to swat it out of all of their hands. Maybe even jump up and down all over it. Even if he had zero tangible evidence that there was anything wrong with the bread, he still did not trust it. In fact, he was about ready to protest it being a distraction to his education with it being around all the time and then people passing and tearing it up before and during lessons.


Anyway, byyyyyyyyyyyyyyypassing the bread entirely as usual, Atlas made his way into the Muggle Studies classroom and surveyed the rest of the space and tried not to glare at the bread too hard. Maybe if he told the professor he was allergic to gluten and found the presence of bread offensive it could stop showing up. Also, tuna was a pretty potent smell, professor. There were just entirely too many aromas going on here and that was without taking the teenage perspiration into account.

Eyeballing the sandwich and then the baskets of bread and then the professor himself, Atlas made his way over towards one of the tables with a simple scrutinizing smile in the man's direction before heading towards the same table as he heard that entire little name slip up and his bag fell to the floor with a dull THUD.

DID REMY KNOW SOMETHING HE DIDN'T KNOW?! HAD AUNTIE JUNE AND PROFESSOR SCHMOE GOTTEN HITCHED AND SOMEHOW ATLAS HAD NOT KNOWN?! It would not be the first engagement and marriage in the Flamsteed family this year since there was Uncle Andrei's coming up in April. He still hadn't even gotten Auntie June to admit that there was a thing going on! Not that he was jumping to conclusions about anything or anything.

"You know, just because they are sweet on each other doesn't mean one of them has to take the other's name," he informed his fellow Gryffindor with a sturdy nod before he crouched down to pick up his bag and then slipped into the seat beside her. "Professor Schmoe and Aun---Professot Flamsteed, I mean. I saw the public display of affection myself."

The bread, the tuna, the candles. There really were a looooot of aromas mingling in the air. A beautiful cocktail of smellllllllllllls. But, er, as it was. Finneas was still recovering from Remy's slip of tongue and therefore, thought nothing about the scrutinizing look from Aries. Or Atlas. Or.


"Mr. Flamsteed," yes. That worked. "Hullo!" He squeaked. ...... He'd get it eventually. Also? Was he unaware of the side conversation? Or was he choosing to disregard it? Hm.

SPOILER!!: Heathcliffe
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath stepped into the muggle studies classroom to see nothing out of the ordinary, which, considering Professor Schmoe, was weird in and of itself. Even weirder was the fact that the professor didn't have some random in his hand. Well, unless one counted the sandwich on the man's desk as random, which Heath didn't as it was close to lunchtime. At least he hoped that was the reason for the sandwich and not some lesson on muggle food fights or some other silly and humiliating thing!

He looked around the room, unsure whether to be intrigued or concerned by the relative normalcy. More so the former for now, but that could change. "Good afternoon, Professor," he greeted, acknowledging the man with a polite nod as he passed.

Dark eyes scanning the tables, Heath saw a vacant seat* at Daniel, Lisa, and Claudine's table and beelined that way. "Hi," he greeted Daniel & Claudine, smiling at each in turn. To Lisa, he said in his best Obi Wan Kenobi voice, "Hello there." It was only after he was settled that he noticed the bread, but having had lunch not long ago, he didn't feel like eating again. Maybe later?

Finneas was relieved to see Heath was the next arrival and greeted him with a warm smile as he stood up from his desk. "Good afternoon," he greeted in return, moving towards the door. It was time to begin!

For ...... SOME reason (not to name names - COUGH - Remy and Aries ... oR Atlas - COUGH), Finneas was feeling especially awkward and somewhat out of his element as he moved towards the whiteboard at the front of the room. Was his face still red? Because he was very hot and very sweaty. Hopefully, er, no one would notice.

Anyway, AnYwAy, ANYWAY.

"Er, good afternoon, c-class," he smiled as he reached for a whiteboard marker. "Today we will be-" Huh. That was weird. This marker seemed to be a dud. No woRRIES! Finneas kept extra! "Today we will be speaking ab-" Huh. That was weird PART TWO. This second marker seemed to be out too. Er. He turned towards the class again and offered them an apologetic look (though, er, combined with his tuna-red face and forehead sweat situation... who knows what he looked like!). "Er. One moment, I er, I need to fetch some markers from the storage cupboard." He schmoezied his way over, opening the door carefully.

But. Er.

Not carefully enough, it seemed ... Because as soon as he opened the door, an AVALANCHE of muggle gadgets and gizmos fell down upon him, showering Finneas Schmoe in the largest stuff spillage that the muggle studies classroom has seen in YEARS.

The worst part? How would he find the markers now!?

"Could everyone lend a hand please?" Things and stuff galore! Legos EVERYWHERE. Yoyos? Out the wazoo! Stuffed animals. Toy cars. Calculators. YOU NAME IT! "I could, er, I could use some help to get this under control and errrr. For our first activity, I would. Er. I would appreciate some assistance. If anyone sees a box of markers, please... Let me know!"

OOC: Sorry for the delay, but big thank you for the patience!

Help Schmoe get the classroom stuff-hurricane under control! And also keep an eye out for the marker box lol. You'll have AT LEAST 48 Hours before we move along.
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