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Stop trying to make the bread happen. It was never going to happen. At least not for this Gryffindor. In fact, every time he entered a classroom and saw his peers holding pieces of it ... he just wanted to swat it out of all of their hands. Maybe even jump up and down all over it. Even if he had zero tangible evidence that there was anything wrong with the bread, he still did not trust it. In fact, he was about ready to protest it being a distraction to his education with it being around all the time and then people passing and tearing it up before and during lessons.


Anyway, byyyyyyyyyyyyyyypassing the bread entirely as usual, Atlas made his way into the Muggle Studies classroom and surveyed the rest of the space and tried not to glare at the bread too hard. Maybe if he told the professor he was allergic to gluten and found the presence of bread offensive it could stop showing up. Also, tuna was a pretty potent smell, professor. There were just entirely too many aromas going on here and that was without taking the teenage perspiration into account.

Eyeballing the sandwich and then the baskets of bread and then the professor himself, Atlas made his way over towards one of the tables with a simple scrutinizing smile in the man's direction before heading towards the same table as he heard that entire little name slip up and his bag fell to the floor with a dull THUD.

DID REMY KNOW SOMETHING HE DIDN'T KNOW?! HAD AUNTIE JUNE AND PROFESSOR SCHMOE GOTTEN HITCHED AND SOMEHOW ATLAS HAD NOT KNOWN?! It would not be the first engagement and marriage in the Flamsteed family this year since there was Uncle Andrei's coming up in April. He still hadn't even gotten Auntie June to admit that there was a thing going on! Not that he was jumping to conclusions about anything or anything.

"You know, just because they are sweet on each other doesn't mean one of them has to take the other's name," he informed his fellow Gryffindor with a sturdy nod before he crouched down to pick up his bag and then slipped into the seat beside her. "Professor Schmoe and Aun---Professot Flamsteed, I mean. I saw the public display of affection myself."

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