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Remy floated into the Muggle Studies classroom, much like the smell of gorgeous bread gliding through the air. It was beckoning her, but she wasn't sure if she could stomach any more food at the moment, since she had already had a pretty hearty breakfast. The smell was still enough to give her a sense of calm, though. It felt ghhhuuuuuddd...

As she sat close to the front of the class, her senses were interrupted by a smell of... tuna fish? Remy made a face of disgust and decided to quickly move away from the professors desk before class started. Soon enough, the smell of Healer Poppy's famous bread took over again.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh......... tranquillity.

"Hello, Professor Flamsteed." Uuhhhh.... "SCHMOE. Professor Schmoe. Merlin knows why I said Flamsteed, sorry, sir." She certainly she wasn't thinking of anyone by that name, nope.
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