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Default DOES HE EVEN KNOW THEY ARE TOGETHER NOW THOUGH?! I don't think he does???
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If he was glowing...maybe he was a seahorse. Because, you know, people tended to tell ladies who were pregnant that they were glowing so...maybe he was a seahorse. Since it was the males who did the baby carrying. But that was a spiral he would rather like to not revisit, becoming a dad, so...probably best to just stop this train of thought NOW. Disembarking now. "Thanks...Aboli," he chuckled appreciatively but sheepishly while ruffling his hair and looking down at his sneakers. They were new, did she know? They were a kind of recent purchase and he was pretty proud of the fact that he had been able to afford a pair of nice sneakers from his own paychecks.

The hug was a surprise but duly reciprocated.

Was it crazy that he hadn't entirely thought about how Eliza didn't know some of his other closest and mostests? It was a little weird and totally not something that was on purpose. "Sure! You can maybe meet Elijah too, her brother." The true mastermind behind him getting the gig at the bar and more steps in the right direction. Eliza was still harping on him now and then about doing something about getting NEWT scores, just in case, but he felt like in such a good place with everything why would he need those? "Maybe you can help settle a thing for me too while you're over. They are always on me about pouring milk first with the tea. Like it's some crime against humanity. But I actually found some research that promotes that being the BETTER way to do things. Something about the chemical make up of milk versus water and which one does something or other with tea leaves or something."

SO, to all the milk first haters, take THAT.

He had also sort of been teasing about the tattoo since Aboli hadn't seemed the sort to do that sort of thing. He would have been kind of shocked to hear that she would do this sort of thing. "But isn't a symbol that reminds you of him kind of the same thing?" That was a genuine sort of question. Be like if he got a strawberry tattooed somewhere on him. But it was kind of his way of asking how things were there. "Yeah...Noah always did seem the sort to have a short attention span with things that are upsetting." The whole ... all that girl stuff hadn't kept him down for very long. "But...that's good. I mean, I'm glad to hear you two are well. Always liked the idea."

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