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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post

Point was, when they entered the Muggle Studies classroom, they continued the trend of not offering a greeting of any kind, only took a seat at an as-yet-unclaimed table at the back of the room, so that their back was to the corner of the room. After a pause, they wordlessly Banished the basket of bread to another table. ...
Violet greeted Professor Schmoe as she entered the classroom--after their various interactions over the past couple of years, she almost felt like he was an old friend--but her mood crashed abruptly as she came into the room and met the inevitable smell of bread permeating anything. She gave a pained look at Schmoe--did they have to have this bread in every, single class and activity?!? She felt another headache creeping up inside her head.

Looking around, she saw that every table had a basket of bread on it--Violet didn't think she could concentrate with that smell right under her nose. The only table without a basket was in the back of the room and there was only one other person seated at it--Nemesis Upstead. Violet wasn't sure which she distrusted more, Nem or Healer Poppy's bread. But she couldn't possibly spend an hour with that smell right under her nose, so she walked slowly to the back of the room and seated herself on the other side of the table from Nemesis without saying a word.
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