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It had been some time since Nem had said a word to anyone who was not the Headsman, or the kids they unofficially tutored here and there. They'd hardly been counting the days, only knew it had been a while. It wasn't unheard of for them to have times of briefly lapsing into what might have been perceived as an uncharacteristic quiet, but nothing quite so sustained nor foreboding as this silence.

Maybe foreboding. Hard to say. The Noodle might have said so.

Point was, when they entered the Muggle Studies classroom, they continued the trend of not offering a greeting of any kind, only took a seat at an as-yet-unclaimed table at the back of the room, so that their back was to the corner of the room. After a pause, they wordlessly Banished the basket of bread to another table. Magic wasn't ~allowed~ in the Noodle's classroom, but Nem found they did not care to even feign an interest in rules right now. They were here, weren't they? That was plenty.

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