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The Muggle Studies classroom looked relatively mundane today save for the round tables! That was a change. Unsure of the reason why, Lisa slowly walked into the room, expecting something else to jump out at her and then the DELICIOUS SMELL OF BREAD HIT HER RUDELY. It smelled so good…. unfortunately she had just eaten lunch so she shouldn’t have another piece of bread…. she shouldn’t. But would she ? Perhaps.

First of al- she’d work on practicing self restraint.

Hi Professor Schmoe!” she greeted her Head of House with a bright smile. All thoughts of him being a dark wizard had almost left her mind completely. OH! She did have a question. “Can I come to your office afterwards? I have some questions…” Mostly all pertaining to a pillow fight extravaganza event in the common room. She waved to a couple of her classmates before finding a seat.

Lisa slid into an open seat at Daniel’s table and then smiled at him. “Hey.” She pulled out a textbook from her bag and slid it to her friend. She had been taking some notes on… the thing that Alfie, him, and her had been discussing. “Had some ideas….” She began to speak before doing a double take. Wait. He looked different…. Perhaps shorter than before but she really couldn’t tell. She felt like she was finally starting to catch up in height to her peers. Maybe 12 would be the age for her! Speaking of ages….. Just when was Daniel’s birthday?

Random question, friend…. Umm.. When’s your birthday?
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