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Kayne had to think really hard about the Professor's specific question to him. His mind immediately had raced to some mischievous scenarios, however, he knew it was best not to say those examples out loud. So, when he thought of an answer that would actually suffice, the Slytherin boy raised his hand saying with confidence "Well, let's say theoretically, you're in your house during a powerful storm; all of a sudden a window by you breaks due to...let's say the wind in this instance. You could use the glass to sand spell to ensure that you wouldn't get injured by the shards." Though, you'd then most likely end up with sand in your eyes, but Kayne didn't add that part to his answer.

Moving on to the other question posed, this answer came rather quickly. Still with his hand raised, just to make sure he didn't get called out for not doing so, Kayne mentioned "I believe that the material used in those kind of spells have a big part in the process to transmute it into something else." He took a moment before elaborating. "Things that could be considered ever-changing such as water, and other fluids would most likely be harder to work with, as you would then also have to be constantly shifting your focus to ensure the spell would work to it's fullest extent." The next part of what he had to say was a bit of a stretch, and most likely wrong, but that still didn't stop Kayne from also saying "I also think that, if you're including animals and people in this example, they could also be considered ever-changing due to the fact that: one, our bodies mostly consist of water, therefore, it could add that consistent movement pattern that would require more focus. And two: our bodies are more easily effected by the process of time, even though most of the time we can't actually physically see it. Like our hair and nails are constantly growing and changing while time moves forward." This answer was most certainly a stretch if he's ever seen one. But it was still at least something different than what his classmates were saying

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