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Dahlia was in noway aware that she had done her audition during what was supposed to be a break for the them all. The scent alone from that bread had mellowed her out enough where all she had wanted to do was preform and do her very best. Which was what she had hoped she had done. There was nothing else she could do now. The rest was up to the judges.. er Professors and Headmaster.

Well there was one thing. Umm, make that two. Healer Poppy was telling them that auditions were over now and that they could leave. So she was going to leave but first.. she was going to get herself some of that amazing bread. She walked over to get some taking a slice or two of her most favorite, the strawberry kind. "Thank you for the bread, Healer Poppy." Lia smiled warmly in thanks. Waving at everyone else still there and thanking all of the Professors and Headmaster once again before she left.
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