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Default Question 2!
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SPOILER!!: Individual replies ^_^
Text Cut: Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Honestly, Ash wasn't a fan of transfiguration. Turning small animals into objects and vice versa was mean, and turning an object into another object was unnecessary in most cases. Bowling ball to a balloon? Why not just buy a balloon? Why not turn a balloon into a bowling ball and then sell it? Where did they get the bowling ball from???

Ash was glad that Serena was here though. The arrival cheered her up a bit. She smiled. "Hey Serena." And yes, they were friends. Ash felt like they were often on the same wavelength(?), and Serena hadn't hated her when they met. So they were friends. In case anyone was wondering.

As people came and took bread, Ash pulled up a piece of robe to cover her nose. She knew the bread smelled good, but it was overpowering. No thanks. Mmm she wanted some... no no NO. Absolutely NOT.

"I think spells that can use a variety of things is more useful." Slightly muffled voice. "Because you might not have the specific objects required. If I wanted to cast the Bowling Ball to Balloon spell-" which she didn't, because it was dumb "- I wouldn't have any bowling balls to use." A variety spell would be more useful in emergencies. Emergencies were the only times when Ash thought transfiguration was helpful. She seemed to be in emergencies a lot. Was there a variety spell to make a broom to catch her as she fell from the sky? That would be helpful.

Right off the bat, Fox raised an important point. “Excellent point, Miss Fox,” he replied, nodding approvingly. “You can’t perform a transformation spell if you don’t have the type of object it requires.”

Text Cut: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Getting out her materials for the lesson, Claudine occasionally cast a gaze towards the door of the classroom to check out who was arriving. That’s how she caught Violet’s nod. Claudine smiled back. Yes, she was indeed in a bit of a social mood. Not too much though, so don’t be surprised if you caught signs that her social battery was running out.

Oooh, bread.

The tantalising aroma dared Claudine to head to the front to collect a few pieces but as she had just eaten lunch… well, she wasn’t hungry just yet. Moving on. Transformation spells… she let Carton’s words sink in before raising her hand. “I agree with Ashley. I mean, it’s unlikely that we may walk around with a handy object at a time when we mostly need it. Random objects in our environs would be easier and more convenient to use."

Norman was not at all surprised to hear that Blaze agreed with Fox, To be honest, he expected the vast majority of the students would follow suit. He was, however, pleased with her reasoning. What a very Slytherin answer! “Excellent, Miss Blaze,” he said. “There’s something to be said for resourcefulness.”

Text Cut: Donovan
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia hadn't taken notice or Professor Carton's eyebrow raise pertaining to her sigh as she was busy getting herself prepared for the lesson. It was nothing to worry about though. She could handle not touching the items on her desk as long as she was kept busy.

The sleeping eyed looking Kinsay that sat down at the desk beside her got a soft smile in greeting. "Hiya," she answered back to the slightly older Ravenclaw. Hearing her mention bread made her turn her blue eyes towards the professor. Yes, was there any? Preferably strawberry bread or maybe cinnamon raisin or.. or any sweet yummy warm bread would do!

When someone sat down on the other side of her, Lia looked over expecting to see Tadhg like usual. There was a slight look of surprise on her face when it wasn't but it was quickly replaced with a smile. "Erm.." Lia paused thoughtfully hoping he really wasn't going to lick the stone or leaf and returning the finger wiggles, "I think licking would count as touching." She nodded her in as if agreeing with herself on this thought. Now she couldn't help but watch Atlas as he leaned on his desk closer and closer to lick the ice cube. Only the ice cube. Which was good because she didn't have a bottle of water to offer him today so he could rinse his mouth out.

Oh! The lesson was starting. And the first thing mentioned was.. bread! Sweet sweet bread! Now somewhere in the back of her mind, Dahlia knew that someone had told her not to eat the bread. The problem with that was, she couldn't currently remember who or why. Not with the way the scent of it wafted through the room and made her feel so calm and hungry. Lunch was hardly an hour ago and yet.. she wanted bread. So without any further ado, she got up and headed to the front of the room to get herself a piece of strawberry bread before returning to her seat.

It was a good thing that she could multi-task. Taking notes, listening to professor Carton talk about the lesson and nibbling at strawberry bread. Lia made sure to finish the small bit of bread that was in her mouth before raising her hand. "It's definitely much easier if a spell can used on a wide variety of of different things. Sure I might be able to conjure what I need to a very specific spell but why do that when I might already have something else laying around that could be used? Sometimes it should be all about convenience and making things easier."

Donovan’s answer earned an approving nod. “That’s true, Miss Donovan,” Norman replied. “Sometimes the simplest option is the best one.”

Text Cut: O’Neill
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
With a hello to Professor Carton Tadhg seen that the seats by Lia were taking, not at all happy he doesn't get to sit by his girlfriend he sat down behind her. Bedsides she had friends, he can't be expected to sit there all the time. Getting his stuff out he listened to the first question taking notes and getting the rest of his stuff quietly out. Waiting his turn, he raised his hand waiting his turn and to be called on.

"I think a variety of things would be better sir, for example if you were to be attack by people, a spell that does varieties of things would be useful then a spell that does one thing if you were being attacked by them. " Going back to his notes he pushed his glasses up a bit and wrote down what he said in his notes. Although he hopes what he said was okay, it was how he felt on the issue, last term was a firm reminder of it. He wanted to learn as much as he could and advance himself.

Taking a bite of his banana bread he took before class, he was quickly finishing it off before he was chewing too loud or so. Mmm... so good and yummy as well as warm, how does Healer Poppy do it? Quickly making the crumbs disappear from his desk and his notes he was happy and satisfied now.

Norman blinked, unsure what to make of O’Neill’s answer. It started off promising, but the mention of spells doing multiple things lost him. Had he not made it clear that the variety he was referring to came in the form of the spells’ target, not its effects? Maybe the boy was distracted by the bread. Merlin, he knew that bread was a horrible idea! “That’s true, Mr. O’Neill,” he began, choosing his words very carefully. “Versatility is important when facing an attacker, though I think you mean to say ‘a spell that works on a variety of things’. All spells are meant to do one thing. The variety comes in what the spell can do that thing to. For example, the spell Scribblifors is always going to turn its target into a quill, but what that target is can vary. As opposed to the Paper to Quill spell, which can only be used, as the name suggests, to transfigure paper. Does that make sense?”

Text Cut: Mordrake
Originally Posted by natethegreat View Post
Kayne sat patiently and quietly in his seat, as he watched and listened to what his classmates had as an answer in regards to the question that was brought up. Looking around for a brief second, everyone else in the room seemed to be in pretty much a collective agreement; spells that can be used on practically any object were better than the previous. While they brought up several good points as to why they thought so, Kayne's mind couldn't help but thinking of a different approach to the question. However, no matter how hard he thought, he just couldn't seem to find a way to fully be confident with answering about why a spell with a specific object would be better.

After the last person had finished speaking, the 14 year old reluctantly raised his hand, nails currently painted to resemble a snake moving it's way across them, and waited for the Professor to give him his turn to speak. "While I think both kinds have their own individual uses that could be considered better for certain scenarios, I have to agree with the others on the fact that spells that can be used on multiple things are better." Taking a momentary pause before continuing, "My reasoning for agreeing is simply due to the fact that I wasn't able to find a reason as to why the other spells would be better. Also, as previously mentioned, it just saves more time for whoever is doing the casting, if they don't have the specific object needed."

Another one for the variety bandwagon. Norman was not at all surprised. What did slightly surprise him was the mention of both types of transformation having uses. He nodded, pleased that someone made that point. “Excellent point, Mr. Mordrake,” he said. “Just out of curiosity, can you think of a situation in which a transformation spell requiring a specific object would be useful?”

Text Cut: Nam
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa was quieter than usual today.

Upon entering the class, she had smiled and greeted her fellow friends, classmates, and the Professor too. However she didn’t particularly feel like taking too much today. She felt off and weird and strangely calm. Was this what happened when you grew older? Did you become less energetic with every solar rotation? Or perhaps it was all the bread that was available in classes that she had nibbled on. Carbs did make you feel tired. She had read that in the library the other day.

She had been leaning her chin on her hand as she stared at the chalkboard. She didn’t even realize that she had spaced out until other students were answering the Professor’s question. She hadn’t even noticed Atlas trying to lick the ice cube or the objects.

Oh yeah…. He had asked a question. “Well I suppose it depends on the quality of the transformation. Would a generic transformation used for multiple objects be as effective as one for a specific object? I doubt it because there had to be a reason for the specific transformation spell… right?” She eyed the bread and then glanced back at the Professor. She was really starting to get sick of the bread smell. It smelled great and mouthwatering but it made her tummy ache. “Specific spells for objects probably take into account all the intricate little details like the difference in their make up… their molecular makeup up and properties.

Well, this answer went in a completely different direction than Norman was expecting! Not that he minded; on the contrary, he appreciated the outside-the-box thinking. “That would depend on a number of factors, Miss Nam,” he replied. One of which he’d cover momentarily. “Though in my experience, a generic transformation spell can be just as effective as a specific one when done properly. But yes, there is some reason behind spells that require a specific object. Sometimes it’s because that specific object is widely available; others it’s because the material lends itself well to that specific transformation.” But he’d some back to that later.

Text Cut: James
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay grabbed as much bread as she could, even stuffing a piece into her mouth for the sake of carrying it all back to her desk. "Mffmkooo," she called back to Professor Carton (translation: thank you), before sitting down at her desk again and arranging the bread all proper.

Mmmmm...... It smelled so good.

It was also very fun to play with. Kiz took to rolling up doughy pieces into little bread balls, which she then used to make bread snowmen. Needless to say, she was proper distracted by the time class began. So no answers, but LOTS of bread snowmen and good vibes. They were so cute. Did Professor Carton want one? MMMMmmmm!


Norman did not mind quiet students as long as they were paying attention, but as his blue-green eyes flicked toward the younger James girl, he saw that she was making snowmen out of her bread. As if he needed further proof that food in the classroom was nothing but a messy distraction! He had to fight the urge to facepalm. No, no, don’t engage, he reminded himself. He wasn’t going to waste his time and everyone else’s trying to force her to pay attention. If she didn’t want to participate, that was her choice… one which her grade would surely reflect.

Text Cut: Jenovick
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona didn't bother grabbing herself some bread for three reasons. The first reason was that she simply wasn't hungry. The second reason was that she was used to the no eating/drinking in the classroom rule and the third was that she had an uneasy feeling about these baked goods.

After Professor Carton asked his question to the class and hearing the students before her give their answers, Fiona raised her hand and provided her input. "There are so many occasions where you need to think quick on your feet when performing spellwork so I think a transformation spell that works on a variety of things is the better option."

Jenovick’s answer got an approving nod from Norman. “Very good point, Miss Jenovick,” he said. “You never know when you’ll need to act quickly or what resources may be available to you in that situation.” Something he’d learned from experience long ago.

Norman’s eyes swept the room, searching for more hands in the air. When he saw none, he addressed the class again, “Excellent answers! So the consensus is that transformation spells that work on a variety of objects are more useful because they better lend themselves to convenience and flexibility than those meant for use on one specific object. Now let’s build on that discussion, shall we?”

He paused a few moments to allow time for the students to give him their full attention before continuing, “In the case of transformation spells that work on multiple types of objects, what role, if any, do you think the material used plays in the transformation process? Some things to consider: Do you think some materials would be harder to transfigure than others? Which materials do you think would be difficult? Which ones would be easy? What is it about those materials that you think would make them easier or harder to work with?”

OOC: Question 2 is up! For this one, Norman wants to know if your student thinks the type of material used can affect a transformation and if they do, how so? Feel free to use any/all of the example questions he gave as a jumping off point or draw your own conclusions. We’ll move on in 20-22 HOURS.
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