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Honestly, Ash wasn't a fan of transfiguration. Turning small animals into objects and vice versa was mean, and turning an object into another object was unnecessary in most cases. Bowling ball to a balloon? Why not just buy a balloon? Why not turn a balloon into a bowling ball and then sell it? Where did they get the bowling ball from???

Ash was glad that Serena was here though. The arrival cheered her up a bit. She smiled. "Hey Serena." And yes, they were friends. Ash felt like they were often on the same wavelength(?), and Serena hadn't hated her when they met. So they were friends. In case anyone was wondering.

As people came and took bread, Ash pulled up a piece of robe to cover her nose. She knew the bread smelled good, but it was overpowering. No thanks. Mmm she wanted some... no no NO. Absolutely NOT.

"I think spells that can use a variety of things is more useful." Slightly muffled voice. "Because you might not have the specific objects required. If I wanted to cast the Bowling Ball to Balloon spell-" which she didn't, because it was dumb "- I wouldn't have any bowling balls to use." A variety spell would be more useful in emergencies. Emergencies were the only times when Ash thought transfiguration was helpful. She seemed to be in emergencies a lot. Was there a variety spell to make a broom to catch her as she fell from the sky? That would be helpful.

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