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Violet was in a fairly good mood today--she'd enjoyed the holidays this year, for a change, and she liked the cold winter weather. She'd also come to enjoy Transfiguration the past year, and no one had tried to make her eat any bread so far today (Violet wasn't against bread per se, but anytime anyone tried to pressure her into do doing anything, that just made her resist doing it, on principle.)

"Good morning, Professor Carton," she said as she entered and looked for a seat. She saw some students she knew there already--Claudine, Ashley, and some others, so she smiled and nodded to them (there, that wasn't so hard, was it?)

Upon sitting down, she took note of the three objects on the desk--she pushed down a sudden and strong desire to touch the ice cube (which was obviously magical, since it wasn't melting)--and also the maze. Look at the size of that thing--either the students or the maze were going to get some transfiguring done on them before the class was done, Violet was pretty certain.
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