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Kinsay was feeling all sorts of awful about her audition, but Kale’s encouragement helped as did Teddy’s hug and Phoebe’s cuddles. The way her friend’s cheered didn’t go unnoticed, but it was all a little hard to acknowledge in the moment when all Kizzy wanted to do was melt into the ground. Everything was fine.

After managing to settle down a little, Kinsay made sure to cheer loudly for everyone who went up to perform, just as her friends had done for her. It was really nerve-racking up there. She knew. So everyone got applause. Kale also received a big smile as he playfully jumped down to where the rest of them were sitting. Kins couldn’t contain her fully-belly laughter as he draped himself across Teddy’s lap and honked her brother’s nose. Teddy was flushed, did he know? Hehehe. Kins watched him curiously, momentarily distracted, before jumping up to her feet to join him in a standing ovation.

Settling back down into her seat, Kinz continued to clap quietly for Cece as her friend made her way up to the stage. Her Alice was so whimsical and soft and just so perfect. Kizzy made sure to cheer lots. It was nice to see her friends in their element, it took Kinz’s mind off of the residual, nervous way her stomach was still feeling.

With Nemesis up next, Kiz paid special attention. She smiled up at the stage, in case he ever looked over. Faye did a wonderful job too and Kiz made sure to cheer loudly, but then quieted herself quickly to pay extra special attention to Teddy. She gave him a mighty high-five as he stood up, but then sat in quiet reverence as he began reciting his piece. When he spoke, she could feel his words in her whole body. That was Teddy’s talent. He was so good at making people feel things. It was so fitting that Phoebe was called up next. Kinsay was beaming the WHOLE time her big sister was up on stage. Her hero. She, like Kale and Teddy, received a standing ovation (and also BIG CUDDLES when she came back to her seat). Hi, Fifi. That was awesome.

Kinz was feeling all sorts of exhausted now, but she still made sure to cheer after Ivy’s emotion-filled performance and Heath’s dramatic monologue. But. Um. Everything after that was a blur, until the arrival of Healer Poppy and BREAD. Kinz was quick to her feet, grabbing a few different slices and bringing them back to her seat to share with Teddy and Phoebe while they waited for Emm’s performance; Kins was SO eager to cheer for her friend.


Actually. She had been eager before, but not anymoreeee. Now she was just zen. Soooo peaceful. No emotional highs or lows. No thoughts. Head empty.

This bread was so good. She especially liked the sweet bread. And it was so nice that they’d get to have some in their classes from now on. So nice. Healer Poppy?” Kinz raised her hand slowlyyyy. She had one (1) question. An important one. ”What’s in the bread?” Because this was the best bread she had ever eaten and Kinsay James needed to know. She NEEDED to know so she could ask her parents to make some for Christmas dinner. Mmmm. So yum.

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