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Yes. Yes. A break. It was going quite according to her plan. With many already reaching for bread, the healer helped herself onto the stage.

“AheeEEeeMmmM. May I have everyone’s attention please? I have just one announcement. It’ll be posted later for those not here and it’s just wwooonddeerrfuuull news!! From now on, all classes will have bread. All the sorts you want. It will take extra work on my part but I’m sure the elves will love to help!”

She already had them helping. A bit of elf magic added nicely to the taste. No complaints yet, not from any who had actually tried them.

”There’s no reason the students need to be starving at all times of the day. How are they ever going to learn? It’s preposterous and I won’t hear of it.”

The little dears were welcome. Now they could have classes with a lot more comfort…and calm. They could thank her at the end of the year.

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Have some bread...
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