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Lisa had grinned at Avalon when she had recommended something light and comedic. She had thought the same; however, she didn’t have much time to offer her thoughts as the groups were being gathered together. She gave the seventh year a smile and a wave as she left to go join her group.

Her audition happened and she had returned to her seat, feeling a little more relaxed but also overthinking the audition completely. Sure she had emphasized words that had SEEM RIGHT… but were those truly the right ones? Lisa rubbed her face briefly and sighed before looking up to watch the next auditions. Wow! The auditions were all awesome!! She clapped her hands at the end of each audition. Remy rocked it so the littlest Nam jumped to her feet to give her friend a standing ovation and then she saw Heath’s performance. She LOVED his performance because it was STAR WARS! And he did it so well. Everyone has an awesome audition even Kinsay who had seemed super nervous at first - Lisa was really happy with her audition.

V; however, did look out of sorts when she walked in. Lisa watched her friend, wishing that she could go and ask her if she was okay but there wasn’t much time. She watched her do her dance (and V was seriously a good dancer) and applauded her friend. She’d come find her later.

She was waiting for the next person (who was Emmerson) to take the stage when Healer Poppy entered with bread. More bread? She wouldn’t say no… but thank goodness she was still growing vertically. If she wasn’t and with all the bread that she was eating, she would have started becoming more and more round like. Lisa’s eyebrows raised as Healer Poppy mentioned the light of the room. Why? Why was she always on about lights? She fished out her notebook jotting down three words. Light. Poppy. Bread. It was all she could muster out of her because she was feeling a little too relaxed. It had washed over her unexpectedly and she was starting to feel very sleepy….

When Trent called five, Lisa was super happy. She darted over to V to see if she was okay. “Great dancing!” she said with a smile before hooking arms with her and whispering. “Are you okay?” She didn’t like people who made her friend cry and she was VERY much hoping that it wasn’t Daniel Yoon that had made her cry. If he had, she knew that there would be some more digging to do there based on the first interaction that she had witnessed between the two.
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