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Yes, Claudine knew that she would sneak away for a bit to catch Heath’s audition. This was exactly what she did and was pleased when she realised that she had averaged just the right time when to do so. Even though he had already gotten started, it didn’t seem that she had missed a lot. The sixth year stood there, watching in awe at the boyfriend’s acting. Sure, she’d seen him on stage before but his talent never ceased to amaze her. Regardless of if he got the lead, she’d always be proud of him.

She hung around a bit longer to catch a few more auditions, which in her opinion were okay. Heath had been the best and no, she wasn’t being biased. Okay, maybe a little. Claudine’s attention shifted to Healer Poppy. Was the woman auditioning too? Because she certainly was being dramatic.

The girl winced at the sudden change in light, and willed herself to adjust to it quickly. And was that bread she smelt? It certainly was. Claudine didn’t know why but she suddenly felt very calm. All that excitement she’d felt seemed to have melted away. With Trent confirming the break, Claudine grabbed a bit of cinnamon bread then went off to find Heath. She was nibbling on the bread as she sought out that giant of a Ravenclaw.
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