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Ash needed a bit of peace and quiet for the project she was working on right now. Because it was a little bit out of the ordinary for what she would usually draw, and she needed focus. It wasn't really a realistic drawing.

There was a girl looking in the mirror, and there was no reflection. Around her were wispy shapes. Some of them had words on them, some were just ominous-looking. Some of them were people-shaped, and they said things like Rosier, Upstead, Cambridge, and Father. Some of them were shaped like speech and thought bubbles. Those ones said things like mudblood, reckless, stupid, and no hope. Some had no discernible shape and no legible writing. And the shapes seemed to run around the girl (although of course they didn't really) and surround her. They seemed to be about to swallow up the space. And there was one avenue of retreat, which was the space behind the girl that was still open. But of course the girl wasn't looking that way. She just stood there, looking in the mirror that didn't seem to be showing anything.

Ash was kinda proud of this art. It was out of the ordinary for her, but she really liked it. Perhaps she should do more of this type of stuff.

She even smiled as she started to shade it and turn it into more of a drawing than a sketch. She even smiled. She even relaxed. Crazy. Ridiculous. Strange. Etcetera.
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