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Ermm... why - was - Anna's face that color? He found himself looking between Anna and Chase wondering if he had said something to her that had upset her. Did he need to have a talk with Chase? Dear Merlin, he hoped not. Kalen was not that type of person. The worst he was likely to do was take the cookies he brought away from him. Instead, he took another sip of his gross coffee hoping it would wake him up more.

And then he was giving Chase a weird look. Usually people wanted to know how his dad was, so it was a bit unusual for the man to dismiss the knowledge and latch onto the the mascot thing. Perhaps the guy was just trying to be nice. Or maybe make a good impression with Anna. "Erm... well, it certainly took a dare." Because yes, he had only gone into the auditions because someone had dared him too. He reached over Anna's arm to grab one of the cookies. He sat back and took a bite out of the cookie and almost immediately choked on it. Uniform? There was nothing about his chicken suit that screamed uniform.

Cough... cough... choke...cough...

"Ah... ok dude," he managed to squeak out in a high voice as he patted his chest. His face was now as red as Anna's. He sucked in a deep breath, held it for a moment then let it out. He could certainly use new friends. Right now he only had - well, ah - Anna and Nai and well Anna didn't like Nai (or so Kalen thought after their big fight). A moment later he took a sip of coffee again. "After exams." He tapped his pile of books with a finger. He felt a sliver of guilt for not studying right now.
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