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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa was all ears.

She remained silent, waiting patiently for Ollie to start. And then Ollie began. It seemed to her that her friend was a little nervous at the beginning because some notes sounded like they didn’t exactly belong; however, the more her friend played, the better and better it sounded. She sounded more confident, poised, and in command. Lisa liked it. As she listened to the music, she began imagining a magical scene unfold with their friends as players in this intricate play. It was set within the Hogwarts Castle but during the medieval times with them dressed as lords, ladies, and jesters. There was a ball and Lisa could picture Ollie, Remy, and herself getting ready with V and Serena seated together impatiently waiting for the rest to get a move on. She looked at herself in the mirror and.....

Lisa was brought back to reality when she heard a loud SNAP followed by an even louder cry from Ollie. “WHAA!” she cried unexpectedly, jumping out of the bench and nearly falling backwards off said bench as she lost her balance. Fortunately she caught herself.

“OH MY GOSH!” she cried. “There must be a spell to restring it right?!?”
Ollie was so frustrated she totally missed Lisa almost falling on her butt. How could this happen!? Of course she had popped a few strings here and there, but never her entire viola! Now she'd have to replace it and what would her father say... "There might be but it's not even worth it!" She tossed the viola to the ground, tears welling in her eyes. "I'm sorry." She knew she was making a scene in front of her friend but her emotions had overtaken her. Why did her viola have to break while she was playing for someone else? This was so embarrassing! That was all Ollie could think. She sulked over to the bench where Lisa sat and slumped over on the piano, hitting a few keys which played some bad notes.
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