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And even without her saying anything on what she was thinking, he still knew that she thought all of that. But he also knew she would verbally oppose, because that was just the consistent game that they played. Argued over who was better, back and forth they would go, always in favor of the other. He laughed when she told him to hush, shrugging his shoulders at her in response. “Just sayi-” he didn’t get to finish though, as she put her finger over his lips. He was merely pointing out she was better, but since he couldn’t verbally say it again, Jer’s tongue darted out to lick her finger to hopefully make it move.

The seriousness to her face, her obvious disdain for the idea, all of it made him laugh. He shook his head at the follow up question, “Absolutely not. I might go far to prove a point, but never that far.” His face was decent enough now, it would probably not be with words tattooed across his forehead or along his cheek.

He would have asked if it was really time wasting when she had to put in the same time either before, at the moment of it happening, or later, but he let it go. “Okay.” That sounded like a fill it entirely to his ears.
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