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At the end of the long corridor of floos is a pair of magnificent Golden Gates that Ministry employees and visitors alike must pass through to gain entrance to the Atrium. Stationed behind a podium at the Ministry's entrance, and impossible to miss as you pass through the gates, is our wonderful Welcome Witch. The young woman is there not only to greet all that enter the Ministry, but also to assist visitors in any way she can. Between directing visitors and answering what ever questions they may have, the Welcome Witch can be found handing out smiley face stickers to match that warm smile of hers. Beside her is a sign-in sheet that all visitors wishing to enter must sign and get a pass before heading inside the Ministry proper. Naturally all Ministry employees don't need to do this, they have their respective department badges after all.

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Just past the Golden Gates there is a desk and an alarming looking machine. There is always a security officer and a wand-weigher located here, ready to inspect and register the wands of visitors and employees alike. Purely precautionary measures. Nothing to be concerned with...unless your purpose of visit is of the dark variety.

The machine itself are large and bulky and made of brass. There are tubes and dials, meters and whistles and upon presenting your wand to the wand-weigher, it will be checked by this machine and registered to you. The Ministry is charmed so that if a wand is fired, some information can be gathered about who might have been responsible. It isn't an exact art.

On the bright side if you lose your wand or someone else takes it, the wand-weigher can find out.

Your character should pass through here before entering the Ministry proper. This is where visitors are encouraged to Roleplay! Our Welcome Witch is a non-playable character who is very efficient and what she does. Once you have signed in, feel free to post on through to the appropriate area of the Ministry, (just make sure you start by coming through here, pick up a visitors pass, and be willing to accept the consequences if its a restricted area!)
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