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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Finneas could understand why it felt like this. Even he was disappointed in the lack of immediate response, but errr... Perhaps there was more to the story than either of them would ever know. And, er, perhaps Finneas Schmoe liked to give people the benefit of the doubt, even when it was often times unwarranted. But, well, aNyWaY.

"That can, er, that can also be true, yes," he nodded, twitching whilst the cup of coacoa was in his hand and nearly spilling it all over his floor. Fortunately, he only spilled a little bit on his hand, but er. It did burn and he did pull a face in reaction. Perhaps he ought to magic the hot chocolate towards her, but then again he was Schmoe. Schmoe, he carried it all the way over to her instead, his hand shaking a little as he held the cup out for her.

And for what it is worth, "I'm proud of you, Ms. Fox. No matter what was said, despite anyone's false narratives, you belong here." Maybe more than some of the rest of them did.

Her words got him to thinking though - not a new thought, but one that had been floating around in his head for quite some time now. One that made him debate the decision to come back to the castle this year and one that kept him up at night, debating whether or not he ought to return next year. Was staying at Hogwarts inaction on his part? He, er, he wasn't sure. Despite the outcome of the war, the ideologies revealed though the previous regime were here to stay. They had always been present, of course, but they weren't hidden any more.

The wizarding world still needed people to be fighting the good fight. Maybe Schmoe needed to be fighting the good fight too.
Ash looked at Schmoe dubiously. UM. Did he need help with that hot cocoa? She was trying to monologue internally (and maybe externally) here. She was Explaining Her Motivations here, just like the villains always did in movies. She was very unimpressed with this take. She'd never be a supervillain now. How was she supposed to give cool supervillain speeches while he was spilling hot drinks on himself??? UM??? Although it might be for the best that she was never going to be a supervillain, and relieving to see that Schmoe was almost the same as before. She took a long sip of hot cocoa. Was it hotter than she would have liked? Yep. But Ash always said that temperature could only be felt in reality, and it had been true so far. So at least she knew she was in the real world because of the burning sensation on her tongue. She took another sip.

"I'm only really here because of that stuff. because I deserve to be here. Because like, stick it to the man, I guess." The man being Lucien Rosier's dead body. "'Do I deserve to be here' is a much simpler question than 'do I want to be here'." THAT was an admission. Ash was 100% sure that she had every right to be here. But she was not always so sure that she'd be better off. Mostly, she was here because she felt that some people didn't want her to be here. And the more they tried to make her leave, the more she tried to stay. So yeah. That was a thing. A Big Thing. That she thought about a lot.

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