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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
That was just her being sweet and having an inflated sense of him and his talents. In reality, he was mediocre in most ways and fully aware of it. So he thanked his lucky stars often that she had still taken notice of him and been interested in the same way he had. Hed never have actually expected it, but he was eternally glad for it. Im just being correct. Im not that amazing, but being with you I do often at least kind of feel it. He at least knew that she thought he was special and that worked wonders for his self esteem. But Ill just concede as I know you can out-argue me anyways.

He just beamed at her at that response, before laughing loudly. You dont think Id look good with a forehead tattoo? Cheeky smile.

Of course she would be so thoroughly prepared she even already have everything labeled. He chuckled softly as he took the container from her, putting in the pieces hed already picked before reaching for more to fill the container entirely. Do you need everything entirely full?
Whatever this boy was thinking inside of his head, he was WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong-ity wrong wrong wrong. And yes she would glad argue with him for forever and a day and for all of eternity after that because she loved him and knew his worth was so much more than he could ever see. "Hush. Just hush up right now, you," Qets reprimanded lightly even going so far as to place her finger to his lips to make him quit talking. "You're talking rubbish and you know it." Clearly she was going to have to drill it into his head on a daily basis just how special he really truly was.

"Absolutely not." She eyed him very seriously despite his obvious laughter making it a clear sign that he was joking but she was not. Normally she wouldn't get in the way of others decisions to get tattoos or piercings or whatever they wanted. It was hard to judge when she herself had both. Buuuuuut this was different. "You wouldn't do such a thing.. would you?"

Why waste time, if she didn't have to? Being well prepared before hand meant that she would finish the task much more quickly and therefore be able to move on to something else.. like boarding. "Not really but I don't mind if you fill it entirely. Saves me from having to come back sooner than planned."
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