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June 2021!

Introducing June's member of the month, Watson! Head on over to read the full interview here!

While you're there why not take a trip down memory lane and browse some old interviews?
I cannot wait! *hangs tight with popcorn* Haha, I have just about the same level of confidence with my own Gryffindor identity! So, fellow (80%) Gryffindor, I’ve got a couple of Harry Potter questions for you. Let's start with the basics. How did you first get into the series?
Nice! Yay *Gryffindor high fives you* Woot, woot!!! Okay. Hmmm I first got into the series when I was six or seven. My parents used to read it to me before bedtime and I loved the series. Gosh I remember dressing up and going to book premieres at Barnes & Noble where you’d dress up as a character. I remember trying to dress up as Hermione, but everyone thought I was Ginny cause I had the same haircut as Ginny!

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