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Aboli could have guessed that Joshua was doing extremely well even had he not said it or if she hadn't been able to literally feel it. Did he know he was glowing? It made the smile on her face widen just a bit as he spoke. "I can tell. Multiple ways," she said as she lifted her hand that he had just let go of. "But your face...and eyes....twinkling, practically. And oh, Joshy. It makes me so happy for you. Overflowing with happiness, really." She wanted to hug him, and so she caved into those ooey-gooey feelings and did so.

Life was too short to not be corny when you felt like it. She had learned that this past year.

"So if I stop by for tea, you'll be ready? I'll provide the cakes," she chuckled into her hand as she slipped her gloves back on. "You know...I...I don't know Eliza all that well. Maybe I SHOULD come over and have you make some tea while I get to know her." The girl had been a year above them at school, and Aboli hadn't really payed attention to the older people until after Eliza had gone...which had also been when Joshua left, too.


Aboli choked at his suggestion, rolllllling her deep blue eyes at him. "Uh, no. Please. I'd get my own name over any partner of mine. No. What if something happened to him or us? It'd be a permanent reminder........I'd get a symbol that REMINDS ME of him, maybe," she shrugged, her cheeks VERY pink. "If that was your way of asking if we're good, we're good. He's healing, too. But he's better at healing than I am."

It was Noah. He was.....just positive and happy and stuff.
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