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Now things were getting even more exciting. Darej briefly wondered if perhaps he should have a career change with the blood pumping through his veins. A curse slipped his tongue as another set of flames aimed in their direction, but a brief smile could be seen on his face before shifting back into serious mode. Right, because I don't want more burns to treat nightly. Dragons were fun but he had a lovely partner and kid to return home to and not scare them any more than usual with his current work.

"Got it," Darej said at the new set of directions. The other bloke, Conley, was just sort of... there he noticed, but he had other pressing concerns. "Should someone keep the protection spells up in between?" He asked since the other dragon was quite upset with them. As soon as the next set of flames disbanded, Darej took the chance and lowered his guard to gaze his attention back to the young dragon who clearly was content.

Alright young dragon, I don't want trouble and we have a better place for you to go. He thought over and over. He truly meant this before he flicked his wrist aiming at the young dragon, "Animalis Fidelis," The charm should work on him. He was smaller and had a number of teammates helping... hopefully. They could get him a nice bed and breakfast on the go.


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