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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Ashley's voice was enough to make all the little hairs on the back of Kinsay's neck stand upright. Not in a good way. In fact, if Kinsay James were to make a list of the things she'd like to avoid at all costs, Ashley's voice would be a contender for one of the top five spots. Ashley would make the list too, probably, but her voice would be a separate line item. That's how much Kinsay wanted to avoid the girl.

So rather than turn to face her, Kinz kept fussing with the poster. She was hoping that Ashley would take the hint and walk away. Except she didn't take the hint. And though the ravenclaw tended to make the MOST questionable decisions, Kins was almost 100% sure that she did this stuff on purpose. Just to make Kizzy feel bad - which it did. It made her feel AWFUL. So guilty and horrible and all twisty in the stomach.

"Hi," her voice was soft, but not entirely inaudible as she replied with some hesitance.

Couldn't Ashley just stay away? It would make everything so much easier. Instead she had to make everything weird!

Also weird? The playfulness. "Oh." Kiz didn't think it was vey funny, but she TRIED to look super polite when she finally turned to look at Ash. Except .... in all likelihood, Kinz probably looked like she was in pain (because she was) (kind of).

...... And she didn't really want to invite Ashley to the football game. But. Um. She also didn't want to exclude anyone because it was meant to be a good thing. A good thing that everyone could do together. No fighting. No bad feelings. Just fun. "You should play." Emm wouldn't like this. "Everyone's invited."
Kinsay was being BORING today. Did she know? All Ash wanted to do was have some fun and mess around with people. And Kinsay was making it so much less fun. Why did she always look guilty and sad around Ash? What had either of them done? She killed the mood. Endlessly. Still, Ash wasn't ready to give it up quite yet.

"Chillll. You don't need to do this-" she made the exact face Kinsay was making- " because I'm not even here to make you sad. I just wanna play! I'll even play on the other team, just like you want! See? Everyone's happy." Just like Cambridge wanted. Just like everyone wanted, apparently.

In all seriousness though, Ash was glad that the poster did not say 'ASHLEY FOX IS NOT INVITED' at the bottom. She liked soccer. So she dropped the demeanor for one second just to smile and say "I'm glad I'm not not-invited. I love soccer."

And now she was going back to her 'playful' mask in 3, 2, 1,... done.
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