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Disney Paris sounded magical. Lisa had only gone to Disney World and Disney Japan before but that was it. “Cute!! Maybe we could do a trip after school?” she suggested excitedly.

V liked .... Sleeping Beauty? Whaaaaaaaaat. Lisa STARED momentarily. Out of all the Disney Princesses, WHY. She figured that Aurora was a better choice than Snow White but still... both kinda the same. Waiting on a man to kiss them instead of taking fate into their own hand. She scrunched her nose. “Very. Romantic.” But who was she to judge V’s favourite Princess? Or so she tried to remind herself but it was oh SO very hard not to judge! “My favourite is Mulan, Rapunzel, or Tiana,” she explained. “And Megara but she’s not a Disney Princess.

Fowl’s name sounded familiar. She had thought that she’d heard another girl proclaim that he was cute but she couldn’t remember who. She did gasp at the mention of Jasper, feeling a slight tinge of jealousy. She thought Jasper was CUTE TOO. “Isn’t he? Jasper’s the best,” she exclaimed with a smile. He was really sweet though most of the boys were sweet.... even Daniel Yoon to an extent.

French was romantic. Maybe she ought to ask Alfred to teach her that alongside the ballet lessons that they had discussed? She’d become quite the lady then which sounded sophisticated... yes but kinda boring too. Bleh. She smirked at V’s .... accurate assessment. “Riiight. Checkers is easy. Let’s go there.
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