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As a muggleborn, V wasn't surprised that Lisa knew Disney things. "Yes, I do like Disney. I've been to Disney Paris many times. My dad likes to take us sometimes. I alwaaaaays either wear a crown or Minnie ears." And she thought she looked pretty darn CUTE in all of it. "But my favorite princess might haaaaave to be sleeping beauty because of how her prince just managed to come FIND HER and kiss her to wake her up. How ROMANTIC." She siiiiighed and played with a few of the game pieces some more. "I guess. I think Fowl is cute. He's a second year ..." Er. "Ravenclaw." Took a second to remember. "Oh...and uhg. JASPER. Jasper Botros...he is a Hufflepuff. He is SUCH a gentleman...." Ahh.


PFFT. "French IS a romantic language." She had to agree about that. And she agreed that her brother did indeed some older...but as for...making up their own rules....she thought for a moment. "I don't know that I am creative enough for that. But you're a Ravenclaw. You all are supposed to be creative and stuff. So....what do you think? I keep thinking of checkers."
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