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SPOILER!!: scottie
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post

Scottie nodded, meeting his new boss's gaze as he did so. "I...I cannot wait to hear the details." And he was being serious, too. He was determined to see Goldwasser go down.

The possibilities of where he could potentially go next, though, were so wide that his eyes grew larger, his eyebrows practically disappearing into his hairline as Upstead spoke. There were jobs in there he hadn't even thought about. "Not that I mind more training. I don't. I just...I'm not much of a hit wizard," he admitted, but his mouth curled into a big of a smirk as he said so. "That's my sister....but not me," he was sure Upstead was aware of them being siblings by now, even if Scottie was dead quiet about that with most of his coworkers. It wasn't like he and Emmy ever really saw each other at work anyway. "I do like the sound of the improper use of magic office. And going undercover. I REALLY liked going undercover," he nodded. Sidling up to Goldy had been dangerous - SCARY, even - but...enjoyable. There was a devious part of it that Scottie enjoyed purely because he was such an honest soul.

It was NICE to be dishonest for the right reasons, wasn't it?

"It's not for everyone," Jake agreed. And wasn't that the truth; you saw it a lot, in training or even once they reached the actual career, people found it wasn't for them and moved on. Or, worse, stayed and hated it. Jake hadn't wanted to be a Hit Wizard himself, not at first, though for different reasons. Ego reasons. Not proud of it.

"Let's try you out in the Improper Use of Magic Office as a Junior Investigator, and we'll see how things go." Fortunate enough that the pay was about the same as what he was already getting as a Security Officer, so it shouldn't feel like a backwards step in that regard. "I think you could do well there." With his reported strengths, it did seem to make a lot of sense. If it didn't work out, they could revisit, and by that time Ferguson might have enough experience in the field to consider other avenues, but it might not reach that point.

SPOILER!!: missa
Originally Posted by Samia View Post
Missa had honestly hoped to do this alone. Case in point, the unwelcome comment about the box in her hand - and the blush it triggered on her round cheeks. Nonetheless, she found herself smiling tightly and giving Ronan a small shake of her head, "simply delivering a message". It wasn't entirely a lie either.

And while she had hoped he would walk away - Mr Upstead opened the door right then. Just her luck. A little more tense and straighter in her posture, the brunette gave a nod of greeting to the new department head, and forced herself to not back out, "Sir."

Polite and not really planning to step on any toes, yet, she gave Ronan a small look - in case he wanted to go first, before stepping into the room, "Mrs Rasting sent these over for you" she stated - before placing the box of cookies on the man's desk.

Renaldi first then. Jake held the door so she could come through, then gave a nod of acknowledgement to Carter before closing it again.

"Oh, excellent," he said, heading over to check the contents of the box. No offence, but years in the game made it difficult to overlook the paranoia potential security issues here, namely if Renaldi had been compromised and was delivering deadly cookies of death something that wasn't quite what it seemed. But he didn't say so. Plenty of ways to check that sort of thing without insulting present company. "Tell her I said thanks, if you remember, next time you see her."

Or perhaps Jake would just write her himself. They weren't strangers; he'd known her, sort of, back when she was a Hollingberry, and they'd faced off in Gobstones at Hogwarts, where she was several years below him. A million years ago.

SPOILER!!: ronan
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
Did she realize how dangerous that turn of phrase could be around aurors? 'Delivering a message.' But, rather than make Missa blush further by pointing it out, Ronan kept his mouth shut. He could tell when someone wasn't exactly fond of his sense of humor, anyway.

"Ms. Renaldi was," he replied, moving to wait by the door again. The auror team could do without him for a few more minutes.

And now was Carter's turn. Jake didn't expect this to take too long; Aurors didn't often like to waste time talking in offices for any longer than they needed to, being people of action. Jake had always considered Caster exactly that - a man of action.

After Renaldi had gone, he poked his head out into the hallway. "Carter? You're up." Step on in.

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