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There was a lot going on, but it was fine because Kinsay Cassandra James had everything under control - as evidenced by her ability to organize a school-wide football tournament. Blake had been wanting to play since their first year and Kizzys never made promises that they did not intend to keep. So here she was, two years later with actual plans and LOTS of posters.

One of which she was taking the time to hang up on the school bulletin board for everyone to see. Setting the pile of posters down on the floor next to her feet, she carefully slid the glass over and pinned one of her posters front and center for everyone to see.

[ooc: click to enlarge]

Was it crooked? She tried adjusting it just in case. This was super important because a lot of her energy was being put towards the effort, okay? Everything had to be exactly perfect so that Blake would be really happy.
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