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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

No, he was not convinced that the guy was not observing them but he didn't want Serena to feel uncomfortable so he shook his head but made a mental note to keep an eye out and even moved his arm a way that he would have quick access to his wand hidden on the inside of his sleeve. He had faced a sinister cult leader only several months ago, a blue-haired individual seemed laughable in comparison. "Maybe it's your brother" he said with a chuckle, clearly intending to be funny. "Does it look like he's stuck to you as well ?"

If it hadn't been for Noah setting up these dates for him, Minjae would have never dated either. Before all of ...that... He had had one date with Aboli but that was it.

While Serena became rather detailed about him wearing an orange sweater walking along the streets of Paris in Autumn, Minjae steered the wheel to his right and as he concentrated on the road on the screen."I-- you think so?" he asked. "Should I buy an orange sweater?"

When his head came in connection with the steering wheel, his car on the screen drove against a railing and tumbled over but Minjae didn't realize this. "I know he meant well..." he said. Maybe it had been too well. "It was?" He asked surprised as she told him he had been the topic...among girls ...GIRLS... and turned his head to look at the year younger Hufflepuff. "You know, I haven't told anyone this yet but.... do you think they're only interested in me because of what happened? With the ...mirror " He kept having the feeling that girls were now interested in him because of that unfortunate incident because he never had the feeling that anyone was before that.

"Thank you for taking several of those posters down, though" he answered with a big sigh. "How did you get rid of them?" Vanishing charm? Fire? Ripping them up? he was fine with anything as long as they were gone.

He manoeuvred the car back on the road and steered a sharp turn right when Serena asked THAT question and he nearly hit a tree this time. "What do you mean?" he asked, genuinely confused about it. "Wait, should I be worried? I don't want my mom to see those posters because that would be very embarrassing you know" he laughed again.

Laughing felt good after months of living in fear.
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