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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Aryan sat there, enjoying his cone and making as much of a mess as Bryony was. He knew where they were going. Back home with the griffs and dragons and Bryony was not allowed to come. She was welcome to visit another day but Aryan just wanted to go back home and play with his muggle toys. The fire truck his daddy had bought him was waiting to be played with. “Not too,’’ Aryan chirped up before crunching down on a bit of his cone.

Adi nodded to Bry, conforming what her mother had said. But he was going to be even more nice than his son was being. “What Aryan means, Bry, is that you can’t come along with us this time. But you will sometime soon.” And what fun it shall be! Polishing off his own ice cream, the man moved over to Aryan to clean him up. “Tell Frankie and the kiddos I said hi, Hades. We’ll all catch up soon.”
Aryan's 'Not too' didn't even register in Bryony's mind as all her focus had went to her Mama and Uncle Adi and the icky words they had both just told her. She wasn't getting to go play at Aryan's house now. There would be no getting to see the hippogriffs or dragons today. Anything else that had been said also wasn't heard by the small blonde. Her bottom lip began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears, what was left of her soggy ice cream cone splattering to the ground.

Hady sighed softly when the cone hit the ground, a puddle of rainbow ice cream displaying her little ones unhappiness. "Bry, it's alright. I'm sure they can say hi to all the griffs and dragons for you, hm?" The brunette pulled out her wand after finishing her own cone quickly, so that she could vanish away the mess on the pavement. "I will, if you promise to do the same with Benny and the kiddos for me." They all really needed to get together soon. That summer trip as a group was sounding better and better. Turning to her youngest she set up cleaning her up of the ice cream mess she had made of herself and the tears that were no doubt about to stream down her cheeks.
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