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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
He would have felt guilty if he had noticed her reaction to his. It was just a terrible situation for her to be in and he was empathetic to her plight. It was hard for him to imagine a parent refusing to talk to their child and yet... parents were people and they did make mistakes. Not that that made it okay what her Dad was doing. "So still should have time to answer a letter." Maybe they could figure out how to send a Howler to her house so she could yell at her father? That sounded cathartic?

Hearing the giggle he was surprised, but he smiled at her regardless. "That's good at least." Of course a cat couldn't replace her grandmother a gift, at least Pepper could serve as a tangible reminder to how much her grandmother had loved her. He didn't even have time to be surprised by her statement before she was correcting herself, and Ev smiled reassuringly, "It's okay, I understand what you meant. There are better things than suffering." Even if it was hard to still not be able to be around them anymore. "I'm glad to hear she's not in pain anymore."

Oh, his parents? This was a question he was leery of because it made his heritage obvious but... she didn't seem prejudiced thus far so maybe it wouldn't matter. And could he really spend the rest of his school years scared to talk about them? "My mum's a clinical psychologist and my dad works for the British muggle government. My mum's work is pretty interesting, but I never quite understand what dad's exact duties are." Seemed like schmoozing, primarily.
Ollie was through talking about her father. She agreed with Evan, yes he still should send her a letter, but it was really upsetting her now. Her dad hadn't ever been such a tough topic before, in fact she use to love taking to about him. But now everything was different. Maybe once she went back for the holiday, things would go back to normal.

Whew, at least Evan didn't think she was mad. She really, really loved her grandmother and was heartbroken when she went into the hospital, and when she passed away. She was really the only female figure in Ollie's life. "Yeah we didn't really believe in heaven or hell, but if that is real, she went to heaven."Yes, her grandmother definitely had angel wings and was floating around with her old pals and husband. Her eyes watered thinking about it, but she bent down to pick up Pepper to hide that from Evan.

Ollie wished she had a cool family like Evan and Lisa. Even their parents were cool! "Your mum's job seems really cool, though I don't think I could ever do it." She was more of a mathematical, scientific kinda girl, not a theoretical, philosophical kinda girl. It was also really cool that his dad was in the government. "Does your dad know the royal family?" Probably not but it was worth asking. She also wondered of his parents were muggles since both of them had muggle jobs. Not that witches and wizards had to have magical jobs but it wouldn't surprise her if at least one was a muggle."Are your parents both wizards?"
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