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”Clever.” And hurtful. It was true, Malachi had never particularly liked Upstead. Liked them more than a few students, but had never felt the need to be in the same place outside of lessons. That it was so obvious...he felt shame. Honestly, nothing further than shame. That was not what he set out to be an educator for. He never wanted any of his students feeling unwelcome or uncared for. It was an indictment on his own character, something he would have to work on moving away from.

“But inaccurate. I’d say that statement is substantially less true now. I don’t dislike you. I don’t agree with everything you do, but I don’t condemn everything you’ve done either.” To make that clear before they could move on. The new lenses he looked through...they presented a different student, one not deserving of the feelings he’d once harboured...not completely, not all of them, some of them surely but those he had for several students, even his own children sometimes and were no worse or isolating.

“The benefit, if you really must know, falls more to you. I’d like you to thrive in your time here or at least not wither. A brilliant mind, as you well know, is a terrible thing to waste and they often say devils find work for idle hands.” Case. In. Point. ”You have rights as much as any other student.”

As for the rigged system...”You’re right, it can’t be taught, but you forget it’s also not a thing that typically needs to be taught. The average person can successfully conjure a happy moment naturally, if only a small thing that makes their insides melt and it makes no sense to not test on such crucial defense for the sake of outliers. That’s just a fact. Outliers can be taught alternatives. It doesn’t have to be a carnival in one’s head every time they need a patronus. Babies never need to be taught it, nor do children, adults or the elderly. It’s not typically an issue. But for you it is.” Not a question. Upstead...was competent. They cast spells to get them over with. The blatant refusal said as much to him as the boggarts and dementors did. An unintended discovery.

It all felt like mind games, something he expected going in and so wasn’t surprised when he ran into it. “I did, in fact, tell you it was a test for specific spells.” Since the Slytherin wanted to get technical. They could, continue as calm as if they were discussing the weather this was fine. Better than screaming children. “Dementors require a patronus. Let’s say you were trying the alternative. Outright refusal to continue is not an alternative, it’s giving up and dying.” There was a difference. “I meant it when I said the lesson was only a test, but I won’t lie, I have learned a lot.” The unspoken “about you” hung between them for a moment before he continued.

Malachi met Upstead’s gaze, his own unwavering though not boring back. Yes, he would let them sit with the thought a while longer, for the moment leaving the question open while he levitated two cups over. “Coffee? Tea?” This was either about to be a really long or really short meeting.

Malachi levitated some leaves into his kettle and set it to work, in no rush.

“What made Lucien Rosier such an attractive option.”
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